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Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Small Business

When a new business is set up or an older business wishes to expand and increase the customer base and revenue generation, the first and foremost step is to make more people aware about the business/brand/product/service. The primary and most effective way of making the business known to people and making the brand recognizable is by advertising the business aptly and optimally.

Businesses can be of large scale as well as small scale. Large scale businesses have the capacity and capability of initiating and carrying out massive marketing campaigns and reaching out to people. Small businesses, on the other hand, do not have a large budget to allow for marketing and advertising. The most important point to consider and work upon is how to devise and perform the marketing activities for small scale businesses so that they remain effective, efficient and economical.

Using social media in general and Facebook, in particular, to advertise and market a business is of great and immense importance. Not only using Facebook for the marketing of a small business saves a lot of money and time but it also is extremely effective and light on the pocket. The top benefits of using Facebook as a marketing platform for small businesses are:

Increased Exposure: Using the traditional marketing ways will only reach out to a number of customer’s whereas, through Facebook, access is provided to 1.19 billion potential customers.

Brand Awareness: Facebook is used by millions of user’s every day for a long period of time. Anyone using Facebook engages with the app on a direct basis. The one on one interaction gives Facebook the opportunity to target the audience and present a particular brand in a way that is recognizable and memorable. According to a recent survey people who get to know about a brand through Facebook are most likely to visit the brand’s business page and 50% of the visitors indulge in purchasing instantly and 50% report to remember the brand the next time they wish to make a purchase.

Target Audience: There is a high chance of everyone not being interested in your business. Facebook allows you to narrow down your audience and pitch your business to them only which ultimately lowers down your marketing cost.

Cut down on marketing Expense: Facebook marketing is by far the most economical and effective marketing means. It cuts down the overhead cost and saves a considerable amount of time and money.

Maintain customer engagement: Through Facebook, businesses can stay in touch with customers and increase brand loyalty and trust. It’s contrary to the out of sight out of mind principle.

Create More Leads: Facebook marketing, given the proper setup, provides multiple leads and eventually sales.

Customer Education: New customers can read up on the reviews and testimonials. Also, the content updated by the business managers can educate the new customers about the business, its cons and why it is extremely beneficial for the customer to make the purchase.

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