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Do You Control Your Business

Do you control your business? Or does your business control you?

You probably started your business because you believed it would give more time, money, and FREEDOM, but instead, you can’t even take ONE day off because the only way you get new customers is completely reliant on you…

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation or even a day off and still have clients booking appointments for your service without you doing any work?

At Golden Coast Consulting we specialize in increasing customer acquisition through marketing automation, building your brand, and scaling your business by bringing you the customers who are ready to purchase your services on a consistent daily basis.

With our proven sales and marketing system we attract new clients and we can do this without any work from YOU! You can just sit back and relax and the clients will book an appointment for your service!

The way we are different is that we have the customer prequalify themselves for your service instead of chasing them and trying to sell to them. This way they already said they want your service they just want to know when you are free!

This is WAY EASIER for you to get customers this way!

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